Crown Edition

Occupying the 1-10 numbers, with silver gilt and oxodised finishes.  

Price: Enquire.

Above: Diamond set, Oxidized sterling silver, silver gilt elphants with noire carbon shel

Above: Silver gilt (gold plated on sterling silver) egg

A twist of modern

Modern design. Desirable edition numbers.

Above: The swirling base, made from sterling silver

Above: The "diamond door" swinging open revaling the inside of the egg

Crown NFT

The Crown NFT arwork is generative art in Bitcoin Ordinals. The artwork  will be revealed soon, but is exclusive to the Crown Egg.

Artist: Ali Walker

ab egg


The Crown Egg

Numbers 2-11 are reserved for this jeweled masterpiece. With diamond setting in every lattice intersection with only 10* generative Bitcoin NFTs of this type. Numbers 2-11 and 50 and 99 is reserved for this egg tier only.

  • The egg lattice is available in silver gilt lattice (gold), sterling silver or oxidized sterling silver. (Dark grey)
  • The elephants are available in silver gilt lattice (gold), sterling silver
  • The stand is available in sterling silver or oxidized sterling silver. (Dark grey)

The base of the egg can be custom engraved, subject to approval by Asprey Studio.

Objet + NFT: Bitcoin " Crown edition " generative NFT

$50K USD (accept Bitcoin, Eth, USD and GBP)

ab egg

Above: Master silversmiths at our London workshop


Numbers: 11-100

Materials: Sterling Silver, carbon fibre.

Precious Stone: Diamonds

Egg Height: H 16.5cm x W 12.5cm

Egg Base: H 12cm x W11.5cm

NFT: Bitcoin " Crown edition " generative NFT

Made by: Asprey Studio and Asprey London Workshop

Artist: Ali (John) Walker 

Product Care

To clean the exterior, a silver cloth (not included) may be used to gently wipe away light surface marks such as fingerprints. For more stubborn marks and tarnishing, use a good quality silver polish; avoiding any contact with non-silver parts. Apply to the area with cotton wool working in a circular motion until the tarnish has lifted from the surface. 

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