261 La-Voiture Noire Collection

Digital + Physical precious sterling silver sculptures linked via NFT

The 261 Collection.


The release, announced earlier this year, has received international attention and acclaim. The successful collaboration marks the beginning of a very exciting roadmap for the Asprey Bugatti Collection and the Asprey Studio.

The physical sculptures feature assorted colours matching their NFT artwork. Each coloured base relates to the iconic brand colours of Asprey and Bugatti, representing the partnership and history of both brands. The attention to detail and production quality means the sculptures will take a least six months to craft, reflecting the exceptional pursuit of perfection for Asprey and Bugatti. 

Owners of the Asprey x Bugatti collection will be able to exhibit their sculptures and NFTs at Asprey’s flagship store in Mayfair, London.  A dedicated Asprey Bugatti gallery will showcase the collection and preview the sculptures and making-of process, with the artwork displayed on Asprey’s large LED screens. Owners of the 261 collection will also benefit from additional Asprey Studio utilities, including; events, complimentary collectables and whitelisting to all upcoming releases.


Wiebke Stahl, Managing Director at Bugatti International, said: “BUGATTI and Asprey (Studio) both represent the rare combination of time-honored tradition, innovation, and groundbreaking technologies – qualities which overlap each brand’s exclusive creations over hundreds of years. This is the beginning of an exciting chapter, and we are looking forward to soon sharing much more about our inaugural works of art.”

Handcrafted at Asprey’s London workshop by master silversmiths. The skills involved are increasingly rare taking many decades to achieve master status. Our silversmiths have created many of the world’s most iconic and important silver pieces. Each sculpture will be made from sterling silver and will take several months to create upon minting the NFT, each one bearing the London Asprey assay mark. The 261 sculptures feature a large high gloss base hand painted in the colours of Asprey and Bugatti, reflecting the history and partnership to come.

“We have invested heavily in new technology and hired additional silversmiths to expand our workshop capabilities to ensure the La Voiture Noire collection is a masterpiece of the future. Bugatti and Asprey’s combined rich history will be reflected in the beautiful sculptures and artwork that I’m sure will be passed onto many generations to come. This is just the beginning of the Asprey x Bugatti partnership”. 
Ali Walker, Chief Creative Officer at Asprey’s Studio


How to order? 

The 261 collection has sold out. However, NFT’s allow for secondary sales and at this moment the redeem function is inactive therefore all owners have yet to receive their sculptures. 

If you would like to purchase one of the collection please email our concierge or general support. (gallery@aspreystudio.com) For those familiar with NFTs, they can be purchased on Opensea here: Collection | OpenSea

Mounting options

Display the sculpture with a unique wall mount or traditional desk option.

Desk Mount

The Desk mounted option offers a traditional method of display, finished in the same high gloss finish, hand painted by master artisans.




Base: 35cm x 15cm

Sculpture: 21cm (length)

Wall Mount

The wall mounted option presents the work as the artist intended. The large high gloss base is a beautiful mount for the sterling silver sculpture. The dimensions of the wall mounted version are the same as the artwork to visually sit side-by-side.




Base: 35cm x 55cm

Sculpture: 21cm (length)

Redeeming the Sculpture

Digital to Physical

The sculpture redeem date will be announced soon. Please follow Asprey Studio on Twitter or Discord or subscribe to the newsletter.  An Asprey Bugatti 261 NFT must be held to redeem the physical sculpture. To purchase an NFT click "Buy Now".

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